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Company | Síntax


Síntax Logística is the benchmark provider of car logistics services.

Síntax Logistica, S.A. is currently active in Europe with operational centres in Spain, Portugal, France, Belgium and Germany, and also in Morocco.

Síntax Logística collaborates in the design of their customers’ logistics chains, and carries out its activity right from the departure of the vehicle at its place of production to the final recipient; in-plant handling, management of its own or external compounds, the transport of vehicles, etc.

Síntax Logística offers its customers a comprehensive service throughout the logistics process of finished vehicles.


Síntax Logística transports more than 1,000,000 vehicles annually, achieving a consolidated turnover in 2014 of 134 million euros. In order to carry out its activity, Síntax Logística has a team of more than 700 people and a fleet of over 600 trucks. Síntax Logística operates and manages port terminals and compounds in different countries, with a total surface area of over 600,000m2.