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Technology | Síntax


Síntax Logística is fully prepared at the technical and human level to ensure the success of computer connections with all our customers. The systems installed have the ability to exchange the information required by each customer (B2B).

Our systems include the latest technological advances:

Reading and transmission of data through wireless readers; conducting online surveys through PCS Tablets; communications through Edifact, xml, etc.; data extraction (DataWareHouse) for control and analysis with the goal of continuous improvement; online consultation of the condition of vehicles through secure access to the website.

All terminals are connected to the computer system used for stock management and for monitoring technical operations carried out on each vehicle, as well as transportation management. Through our integrated systems, a vehicle’s entire process is controlled, from its arrival at our facilities and the operations carried out, right up to its transportation and delivery to its final destination.

With the objective of improving fleet and load tracking, from 2016 onwards all Síntax Logística drivers will have a mobile device (Android technology) with an application allowing them to see, in real-time, each chassis loaded and unloaded, its condition, and report the details in case of damage, attaching the necessary photos.

In addition to the management of transport services and orders, the information acquired thanks to mobile technology allows different data to be obtained, which are vital in order to optimise the service, costs, and decision-making.

SintaxFLEET – a tool for the efficient management of the fleet


The system on board the vehicle consists of a data transmission and location unit + the connection module and reading of CANbus data + a driver information display to help improve the driving profile.

The eco-driving system is based on the connection and interpretation of data from the vehicle’s engine via the CANbus connection.

The driving information is specific to each vehicle.

  • Real CO2 emissions
  • Control and analysis of emissions
  • Exact mileage
  • Driving profile